Welcome to the official website of the campaign “Iran is Great”.
Being aware of the fact that Iran has a relatively negative image abroad which does not correspond at all with the reality we have encountered throughout our trips through Iran, we have considered initiating an informational and promotional campaign in Europe and in the world which is meant to improve Iran’s image abroad.
Our project has started April 2014 and is ongoing. We introduce Iranโ€™s rich culture and civilization by promoting the cultural, historical, natural and tourism potentials through our talks, presentations or only by displaying our mobile banner in Europe and elsewhere. The project does NOT deal with any political or religious matters whatsoever.
Support us if you think that Iran deserves a better image abroad and please submit any ideas about what you think we can do better in order to achieve this goal.2014-12-21 15-41-41_162014-12-21 15-41-01_52014-12-11 10-57-25_29

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  1. Hi; i’m sepehr from isfahan; i’m proud to you & your family , really thanks ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿค—๐Ÿ˜

  2. Hello!
    My name ia moujan and I am grateful for what r doing . I m so happy u had a good experience in Iran. I support u and every other human being and group who doesnt go with propagandas of the media and listen to their heart. Yay to Iran and Yay to you and Yay to peace.

  3. Hi.we Iranians support you because we want to change the bad image of Iran in the world.all of us are human and some concepts like peace and love should be shared in different countries.

  4. umm…the last comment is for 1 year ago ! :( does it mean u have stopped ur activities???
    I just visited this website ,I hope u see this message man!

  5. Hi dear.
    I’m from Shushtar (Iran – Khuzestan) and I hope see you soon in this historical city.
    Good luck.

  6. Hi,im Hossein from Shiraz… I just want to thank you for what you do for us…. I really thank you…. because we are always peaceful people,we never start any war ,we never have nuclear weapons like USA that kills 100000 innocent people in Japan or in Vietnam war and we are famous for our hospitality….we also love American and European and British and French and German and…. people even by they may (a few of them )hate us and disrespect us and our Creed like Islam,that I have To say maybe our country isn’t most important and most powerful country in the world but we have the most important and the most powerful and the best religion in the world, because we thanks God every day for creating us and we believe in God and the world after death and also heaven and hell ,we are clean country,we not let bars and alcohol and bear that destroy human minds,we not create and enjoy Porn videos and pictures like any other countries that allow and also people like that just like”public humiliation” or “public disgrace” in German, just search this words in Google and see….Iran also has the greatest history and empire known as Persia that in that time all Asia and some of Africa was in Iran property in that time we have the kindest and the best king that his name was Cyrus the Great and we have first mankind right and we will loyal to that …. reverse USA and some other countries that they only affection the human rights and they have racism and they kill black people only just because they are black,our country had never do racism and also use the black people as slaves……in the end I want to say that we are peaceful people and also we love other countries and personally I love to go Paris and London,I never right these words to say Iran Is Greatest And The Best Courtney In The World, I just want to say that our country isn’t that country that BBC or USA and Europe corrupted Politician show you…. I love you all, Thank You

  7. hi
    Iam yasin I hope to you are ok.
    I love to see you in my city/toyserkan in hamedans province .
    you are great.bye

  8. salam !
    first welcome to iran i hope you enjoyed your trip and thanks for that banner and this website !
    im really sorry for that thing that happened to you in iran and the robbery in the london
    i hope nothing like this happens to you again
    let me introduce my self . im arman from mahabad ( in western azarbayjan ) and a student !
    let me know if you came back in iran and have some problems then if i can help you
    just lets say a thing that all iranian people want to ay to world

  9. And yes !!! Iran is great and iranians are great too… Im very glad that you introduce really iran and not a fake iran to the world. Me , my family and all of my friends are ready to help you and any body who want to come to iran and see here. This is my phone number (+989194439818) you can call me for anythiiing about iran and i will glad to help you. Come to iran and enjoy it <3 we are here for you
    Good luck

  10. Saeed Hello I’m happy to be visiting our country we traveled to the city of Kerman if you passed pleasantly and theft fell very sorry for you ….. I wish health to you …. Bye

  11. ุณู„ุงู… ุงูŠุฑุงู† ุจู‡ุชุฑูŠู† ุฌุงูŠ ุฏู†ูŠุง
    Iran lab

  12. Hi :) It was really comforting to visit your website. Nowadays the media are trying to depict a view of terrorism when spoken about Iran, but as you see the truth is far too different. Thanks for letting the whole world know about the reality of Iran.
    Culture & tourism are rich just as you mentioned & so is the science. We Iranians have been pioneers in various scientific fields for centuries. However, some media are trying to show that there’s no civilization in Iran. Please fight against this belief as you’ve proven them wrong about the overall picture of Iran.
    Love you, take care & have fun where ever you are. :))

  13. Hi Ivan
    And hello to the family of Ivan
    I wish you health and good luck forever
    Thanks for your ad for Iranians
    I follow your news
    Likes You

  14. Hi Chris
    Thanks for what you’re doing for us.I appreciate your will and thank you again for visiting Iran and of course showing the real picture of Iran to the Europeans.
    In our religion guests are blessings from the GOD so you ‘ll find everyone welcoming towards you whether you are from any religion or country.
    May the GOD bless you and your family.

  15. Hello I just watched your YouTube video, I went to Iran in year 2000 or 1379 your video brought back a great memory for me, Iran is a beautiful country with beautiful people, I hope to visit there again one day๐Ÿ˜€

  16. I’m a girl proud of being Iranian.I considered as a duty to thank you for your humanitarian work.You are a thoughtful and open minded ๐Ÿ˜‰

  17. Hello!
    Iran is great! I am really glad there is someone trying to introduce our great country to others. Our country, with all historic & beautiful cities, including a great culture, has to be shown to world. I wish you & your family luck.

  18. Hello to dear Christian and Audrey, and your lovely kids, Emilia and Lucas

    Thanks for your great soul. You do a courageous, valuable work, indeed, that maybe so many political efforts in many years cannot do it this effectively.
    Many thanks from Iranian people, to show the world the true sight of Iran, through this large propaganda effort that is supported to make a horrible picture from Iranian people in minds.

    thank again
    Be happy

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