HELP! HELP! On August 3rd at noon our van’s window was smashed in London in front of the Science Museum. Witnesses please contact us: info@iranisgreat.com
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Short update: in the meantime we have received thousands of messages from as many people (mainly British) expressing their apologizes for what happened to us. We are touched by this wave of compassion!  The Britons are as great as the Iranians.  When we say Iran is great we do not mean that this magnificent country is greater than others. Our intention was not to provoke but to spread a message of peace!
UK is great too!

Welcome to the official website of the campaign “Iran is Great”

Being aware of the fact that Iran has a relatively negative image abroad which does not correspond at all with the reality we have encountered throughout our trips through Iran, we have considered initiating an informational and promotional campaign in Europe and in the world which is meant to improve Iran’s image abroad.
Our project has started April 2014 introducing Iran’s rich culture and civilization and by promoting the cultural, historical, natural and tourism potentials through our talks, presentations or only by displaying our mobile banner in Europe and elsewhere.

The project does NOT deal with any political or religious matters whatsoever.

Support us if you think that Iran deserves a better image abroad and please submit any ideas about what you think we can do better in order to achieve this goal.

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  1. I hope your message of peace reaches the people around the world.
    Thanks for the efforts of your family and everything you have done for us.
    If you could come back to Iran one day, it would be just great.

  2. hi
    thanks for everything that you do to introduce our country. i wish happiness for your family everyday and everywhere.
    i hope to see you in iran again and again and again.

  3. salam; this is the first word that you hear your greeting in IRAN! it Means peace and pacifism.
    Hello cristian and Welcome to Iran.We wish your good health and have a safe trip on the GOD’s earth.
    thank you for:” Iran and Iranians as they are; introduced by your.” i’m from Garmsar in Semnan state by the side of 44E freeway(Tehran-Meshed freeway).garmsar is called:”sun shining land” with a dating back more thousand years.(Ninety kilometers east of Tehran)with a very strong folclore.
    Please read a translation of the Qur’an. Thank you
    “Auf Wiedersehen zu Ihnen und Ihrer Familie ! Bitte lesen Sie die Ubersetzung des Koran. Danke.”

  4. Thanks for your help.
    Many people in Europe think we are bad people but it isn’t true.
    Our Religion is as the same as yours.
    We are not against you we like to be your friends(All people friends). I will be glad to be your friends.
    Please search more and more and more about us.
    We will be glad if you come to our country.
    I’m an Iranian student.

  5. You are Great as well; sorry about your van in London; The Met Police should refund the damages and most of all they should apologise for breaking into your property (Even if they thought they had an excuse, it proved to be wrong, so they should apologise)

  6. Sorry about the damage to your truck by British hooligans (i.e “Police”).

    This terror attack underlines two things. First, that your message is being effectively delivered, and that the British government is run from top to bottom by thugs that helped create ISIL, ISIS, Al Qaida and countless other terrorist cells currently in the works to be unleashed by the British government onto the civilized world using their Arab/North African negro slaves. The attacks on Charlie were also by people that had mysteriously entered France from UK.
    Long live Iran and the rest of the civilized world and their never-ending struggle against Anglo-American government-sponsored barbarism.

  7. Iran is great in cultural heritage, british are great in destroing it. It is easy to find out reading everyday news.

  8. Hello,Thanks for introducing Iranian to world, u r Great friend,.
    i want to say that UK allies such as Turkey and Saudi Arabia are supporting terrorist then UK have ridiculous word of supporter of terrorist on Iran , U must say to world , this is a filthy lie of media , and Iran is not supporter of terrorists, thank u very much

  9. Wow!
    Great job! Thanx a lot for your effort to change Iran’s image around the world.
    “You’re Always Welcome In Iran”

  10. Dear friend;
    Your message is very nice, because i think your soul is very nice!

    all of the nations are great too.

  11. Well what do you expect from the Met and Freemasons in British establishment. Sorry for your loss please set up a fund me web site, I for sure will donate to your loss :)

  12. hi there – i just want to say thank you for your great work – it’s so awesome and i’m happy to see that still there is people around the world who believe in us . i hope i can meet you in iran , have a safe trip and we all wish you luck – thank you again

  13. Hey Cristian
    some days ago i saw a program about your campaign in Press TV (an iranian news channel) and i became really happy about you and your family . well we can not thank you enough and i’m ready for any help that you need in Iran . i live in Mashad and i’ll be happy if you come here and see you . this is my phone number (+989307966673) if you need any help
    please please please come to Iran i really want to see you
    At the end thanks a lot
    Best wishes :)

  14. Great parenting and educational message – With GPS, Internet , IPads and K12 learning and educating our families have never been better and parenting is becoming significantly more powerful – I have some FB family friends that are biking together around the world – what a great way to learn geography, natural science, cultural anthropology.
    We should not let the media shape our opinion because it is one person’s show affecting millions as we sit and watch! Private Media often gives the wrong impression by propagating misinformation to the public.
    We, the people of the world are responsible for parenting our children with our unique and creative ways – it is the biggest and the most rewarding job.

  15. You are great like every other man seeking truth and brave enough to share it with others, either white or black Jew or Muslim.
    so peace be upon you and your family and all wise men who are not dedicated their minds to press.
    Unfortunately I didnt visit you when you were here, but hope you a happy life every where you are.
    and thanks again for spreading our nations messege of peace all over the world.

  16. Hello. I am so happy to read this comments,Im an Iranian and I live in Shiraz. Today, we were having our lunch while TV news was saying about you and your trip and what happened in UK. I am sure that Britons are great too,and I love all of people that try too know real Iran.
    I always wished that I could meet a tourist in my town.So,I invite world’s people too visit our town,and I wish to see you in Iran.
    I want to thank this great family that trying to show Iran to world as it is. I love you and I hope to see you one day in person.
    If somebody wants to take a trip to iran,can reply me to see each other in shiraz.
    sorry if I couldnt speak english very well.
    love you

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