Welcome to the official website of the campaign “Iran is Great”Being aware of the fact that Iran has a relatively negative image abroad which does not correspond at all with the reality we have encountered throughout our trips through Iran, we have considered initiating an informational and promotional campaign in Europe and in the world which is meant to improve Iran’s image abroad.
Our project has started April 2014 introducing Iran’s rich culture and civilization and by promoting the cultural, historical, natural and tourism potentials through our talks, presentations or only by displaying our mobile banner in Europe and elsewhere.The project does NOT deal with any political or religious matters whatsoever.

Support us if you think that Iran deserves a better image abroad and please submit any ideas about what you think we can do better in order to achieve this goal.

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  1. Thank you a lot man….. AZARIs ,LORs ,KURDs ,MAZANIs ,persians and all other people and cultures are appreciated ……..I wish to see you around.this thing can help us a lot

  2. Hi
    Thank you for your opinion about our country.
    I hope that you succeed.
    I see your documentary film and Im happy because you are highbrow men.
    My email is iranian .maybe its not work in outside country(iran).
    Sorry for bad english.
    And in end
    فی امان الله
    Good by.

  3. Hello my friends.I love your family very much.I am Iranian.your son and daughter are very beautiful .you are good.thank you for watch iran.you are great. Bye my friends

    1. Hi my friends.you are very good.I love your family because you show to people Iran is good country. Thank you for visit Iran.Bye.

  4. Hi.my name is jamal.Ilove your belive and you are growing international relationship.
    Ilove you

  5. hi bro ,
    our tv js now showing your document ..
    your chils are lovely😚😊
    we’re waiting you again in iran ,
    i’m from tabriz ..
    come here too ..
    your persian speaking is good , well done ..
    we love you ..

  6. Movie you saw tonight. I hope you have fun in Iran. You are very beautiful girl. Mother of the girl you liked

  7. Hello

    I hope that wherever you are, be in good spirits

    If you’ve come in next time for Iran to Mashhad, Imam Reza shrine visit

    It’s really great to see Islamic and Iranian architecture

    The maximum population that you’ve seen in your age

    If you have any need in this connection manager to email me and I am your guide

  8. خیلی ممنونم بخاطر همه کارهایی که شما برای کشورمن انجام دادید

  9. I’m really happy that you enjoyed my country.
    And now welcome to my city jahrom.
    you and your family are great too
    I wish the best for you
    Ali shabani jahromi
    Fars-jahrom 20-03-2016

  10. Nice article, Thanks to you and hopefully together Iranians can show the real Iran and actual meaning of being Persian to everybody over the world.

  11. درود به شما و خانواده محترم
    من ایرانی هستم نوشته شما روی کامیون
    قدر دانی از ملت ما نیست و شاید دشمنی هم باشد
    زیرا ایران امروز در اسارت اسلام است
    (ایرانی را جایگزین ایران کنید

  12. Hello I’m Sanaz .im 15 years old and I really love Germany and I want to say thank a lot for your beautiful website .do you know I try to learn German .I want to talk to you please talk to me I want to know about German people. Please when you get my letter ,answer to me please good bye

  13. Salam! :) I hope you are doing well.
    what you are doing is great! I just watched your program on TV and enjoyed so much.
    I have 2 suggestions for your website: it would be great if u had an album in your website to see your project through photos. And second: writing highlights or memorabilia of your trips in a section like blog.
    Thank you again, all my best wishes for you!
    Ali from Isfahan.

  14. Hello. I am Ahmad Reza Zare.
    The city of Yazd in Iran.
    I’m happy that you have come to Iran.
    I saw a TV program you’re on 2016-03-07.
    I come to your site to get news from you.
    I wanted to see if you won a good view of the Iranian people in your city your city manager?
    I wanted to see if Iran comes to you again?
    Please give my soul to answer my email.
    I’m very happy to provide you with more people come to Iran or let yourself along with your family.

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