Welcome to the official website of the campaign “Iran is Great”Being aware of the fact that Iran has a relatively negative image abroad which does not correspond at all with the reality we have encountered throughout our trips through Iran, we have considered initiating an informational and promotional campaign in Europe and in the world which is meant to improve Iran’s image abroad.
Our project has started April 2014 introducing Iran’s rich culture and civilization and by promoting the cultural, historical, natural and tourism potentials through our talks, presentations or only by displaying our mobile banner in Europe and elsewhere.The project does NOT deal with any political or religious matters whatsoever.

Support us if you think that Iran deserves a better image abroad and please submit any ideas about what you think we can do better in order to achieve this goal.

598 thoughts on “Home

  1. Thank you for spreading the word about our country, culture, and people. What you are doing for us is priceless. Thank you and your beautiful family for giving us the chance to show you what iran is all about.

  2. Hi
    Thanks a lot for your website.
    I hope u come to iran again.
    By the way i m crazy about germany and i love to learn german
    Good bye

  3. كثافت حيوون حالا كامنت منو حذف ميكني
    گوه خور ديوووووووووووووووووووووووووووووووووووووووووووووووووووووووووووووووووووووووووووووووووووووووووووووووووووووووووووووووووووووووووووووووووووووووووووووووووووووووووووووووووووووس

  4. بر پدر مادرت لعنت پدرسوخته
    مهرجو پدر سوخته يه بيكار مثل توئه كه پروژه داده به ما بريم تحقيق كنيم كه چه گوهي ميخاي بخوري و نظر ما درمورد گوه خوري تو چيه
    حرومزاده… تو گوه خوردي اومدي ايران
    بشين سر كار و كاسبيت

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  6. I am happy to see there are still people caring about the others despite the biosed information goverments spread around the world. I truly appreciate your effort for making this project and hope you enjoyed your time in our country. Hopefully one day borders are gone and people all around the world would live together peacfully. Cheers.

  7. Hi there
    I saw your van somewhere near saadat a’bad yesterday but the word IRAN was cleared from the website and the wall of your van!!! I hope this doesn’t have anything to do with the politics and thing like that and just wanted to say that you have our support at all the times.
    have fun 😉

  8. hello great family!
    i’m an Iranian girl.
    i see your car in the internet and i come here.
    you are great family.
    thank you!
    Iran is a big and great country really,but….
    thank you!

  9. Hello.
    Thank you for introducing Iran to the world.
    Ten thousand year old civilization is the civilization and history.
    Perhaps more ancient and more glorious civilization of Greece and Egypt.
    Unfortunately, this glorious civilization is not known in the world :(
    I beg you continue to work and show the ancient Iranian civilization to the world.
    Thanks :)

  10. I live in Canada I use to drawing cartoon over Iran and when we are looking in Iran I can tell you is nice country for living and we are just brainwashed by west or those do not like Iran I hops you back in Iran visiting more even if you like to stay in Iran.

  11. i’m so happy about your project.I live in northeast of Iran,golestan province.if you need help you may call me at my email. I wish if I could help you.

  12. Hi
    thanks for everything that you do to introduce our country.Please come to our town.
    Its Toureh. Toureh is 40 km from the Arak City.
    Thank You.Good Lock.
    Tel Number:38643595

      1. And of course you are also all warmly welcome at the Institute of Short Term Educations and Sabbaticals
        All this three branches belong to Al-Mustafa International University in Qom, but Al-Mustafa International University has also branches in many Iranian cities and even all over the work and I am one of about 50 German students of Al-Mustafa in Qom, Iran and working at Mustafa Open University and at the International Institute for Peace and Religions. I talked to my colleges at this three branches and they all would like to welcome you here! As they would love to welcome all people for free!

        Natürlich seid ihr alle auch am Institut für Kurzzeitstudien
        http://en.istes.miu.ac.ir/ jederzeit herzlichst willkommen. Alle drei Abteilungen gehören zur Al-Mustafa Internationale University in Qom, aber Al-Mustafa hat noch viele andere Zweigstellen im ganzen Iran verteilt und sogar in der ganzen Welt! Ich bin einer von ca. 50 deutschen Studenten in Al-Mustafa in Qom und arbeite gleichzeitig an der Online-Uni von Qom und am Internationalen Institut für Frieden und Religionen. Ich habe mit meinen Vorgesetzten und Kollegen von euch erzählt und Sie würden sich freuen euch in Qom willkommen zu heißen und für kostenlose Unterkünfte und Verpflegung ist gesorgt! So sind Sie bereit alle Menschen willkommen zu heißen!

  13. Hi im hossein .im an iranan . my citys name of kashan .kashan has a first city on the word .comeing to iran and kashan .iranan people very very hospitable(guests friend)

  14. HI dear friend
    The documentary was your trip to Iran I think that was recorded by your own
    And Iranian TV channels broadcast in this way I met you
    You did a great job.
    Iranians are terrorists in the eyes of the people of Europe, while it is not
    Iranians have always combat terrorism
    Please try again travel to Iran and visit more places
    Iran is rich in tourist sites
    I used Google Translator and I apologize you for grammatical errors
    And this poem by Persian poet Saadi

    Human beings are members of a whole
    In creation of one essence and soul
    If one member is afflicted with pain
    Other members uneasy will remain
    If you’ve no sympathy for human pain
    The name of human you cannot retain

  15. Hi,
    Thanks for clarify the identification of iranian people & culture to the world
    our family wishes you’ll be successful in your project & the safe trip
    bonne voyage
    a bientot

  16. Hi!
    We can want help from those iranian who live in London! For example they can start a kind of festival in which persian traditional clothes and would be shown and persian music ,etc. Or they can have street theaters with persian clothes and style! In this way they can show a different image from Iran.

  17. سلام دوست من
    سلام من و خانواده ام به شما و همسر و فرزندان خوبتون از شهر تبریز
    ما دوست داریم شما را به شهد خوب و زیبای تبریز هم دعوت کنیم
    شهر ما جاهای دیدنی خوبی دارد و میدانم که حتما خوشتان خواهد آمد
    من دارم خانه ام را که ساخته ام تمام میکنم و اگر تمام شد از شما دعوت میکنم بیائید و چند روزی را مهمان ما باشید مهمان من و همسر خوب و فداکارم و دختر خوبم که دانشجو هست و به زبان انگلیسی هم تسلط دارد
    امیدوارم بتوانم جزئی از نمایندگان ایران که شما را یاری کرده اند و دوستتان دارند باشم
    من معلولم ولی هرگز تسلیم معلولیت نشده ام و دوست ندارم از تلاشم دست بکشم
    دوست شما
    محمدحسن علیمحمدی
    ایران _ تبریز

  18. hello
    my name is Ali
    one of my friends told me that you are in Iran
    if you still are in Iran i can invite you in Yazd city
    hope to be good
    and see you

  19. Hello! I ‘m iranain . I live in Talesh a town of Gillan . you’re great and also your family . I’m so happy you show Iran truly to world .

  20. You are a very beautiful family thank you for all the beautiful things that you did to show the beauty of Iran and wish you happiness and success in your life. We so loved this family ❤️God bless you

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