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  1. Hi Cristian
    My name is Saeed; nice to write to you.

    I’m writing on behalf of an NGO in Isfahan (Iran) and I need your “urgent” help (to do us a favor related to Germany- nothing to do with money or the like).

    If possible, please write me back.
    Thanks A Lot
    Waiting for your response


  2. Wow! It’s exciting to see you near my hometown. Although I’m not living there anymore, in case you need anything, just drop me an email and I’ll inform my friends there to reach and assist you. Good luck and enjoy your trip. I agree that “Iran is great” 😉

  3. HI! I’m an Iranian 14 years student and I’m so much happy to you love our country. Yes! We all have to say the truth and don’t let ours to believe the lies!
    I suggest you something.
    1- Try to have a time or even a show in Iran channels. Specially channel 3!
    2- Try to advertise your work anywhere! Specially in Iran. For example advertisements in TV, Websites or other wheres. For example in this sites:
    And TV channels sites. I’m sure if you introduce your family or work, they’ll do that free!
    3- Please make a video clip. It’s really important. If you made that please!Please! give that to me (to @MERTS in telegram or e-mail: mrahavy1380@gmail.com) to advertise you anywhere specially in http://www.ELMICO.ir

    4- It’s really important to all of the foreign people specially tourists of Iran know you.

    And a question! whats your religion and whats your opinion about Islam and Islamic people?

    And please come to Yazd. I’m living there. What’s your opinion about our city?

    Thanks a lot and I hope the bests for you! Be sure your place is in the best place of the next world.

    همه جای ایران سرای من است – همه جای دنیا جهان من است – زنده باد صلح

  4. Hello
    Thank you for telling the truth.
    I’m from Tuyserkan.
    I invite you to Tuyserkan Sfrknyd.
    we are waiting for you .

  5. سلام-خسته نباشید-از این کار شما واقعا ممنونم-امیدوارم با این کار بزرگی که شما شروع کرده اید گرفتار مشکل نشوید وروز به روز در کارتان موفقتر باشید-با تشکز جلال الدین اسلامی از یزد

  6. salam,
    I hope you enjoy your stay in Iran,Actually I planned to visit Bandar abbas in persian new year vacations and have a one week trip in south,I wish we see eachothers somehow and have good long conversation.
    Greetings from Iran , karaj

  7. Hi, I’m Amir . My age is 11 years. I’m living in Iran Tehran Province city, Vavan. I’m going to school. My school name is Yasin way, I’m in sixth grade. My teacher’s name is Mr. Maleki. I have lots of friends. But some of them are friendly and nice. They called Taha Mehdi and Sinai. I’m living with my family.

    GOOD BYE!!

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