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  1. Looks like you are leaving UK.Don’t blame you. I’m British and don’t go there.
    Where are you heading now?

  2. I’m so glad that you liked my country. I hope you and your family have great moments everywhere you are and remember I LOVE YOU because we have something in common and that’s GREAT IRAN.

  3. I am watching you at BBC. Thanks for your project about Iran.
    You are right. Iran is great, Really.
    The best, Mohsen from Kerman, Iran

      1. Salam
        – First i would Thank you for advertising IRAN.
        And i want you to stop your advertising if your social status in Some European Countries is at risk (For whatever reason, like that They call iran as a terrorist country or something else like this bullshit. as you know we are NOT for Sure, And this problem has proven to the world that we are NOT terrorists).
        So stop your advertising anytime if you want, Because Your Goodwill has been proven. we worry about you …
        – Second i have to say sorry about some Absurd comments here, on your site. They are just some stupid people and are not real IRANian, so ignore them please.
        At the End, I must mention that Wherever you are in this world, you are in our hearts in IRAN <3 .(you and your Dear Family)
        Sorry about my bad english 😀

        Best Regards
        MASOOD, an architect Student from IRAN :)

  4. As a British Iranian, I’m very pleased to hear of your mission. I have not been able to visit my Father’s country but hear many stories, see many pictures, taste the food and have the pleasure once a year to enjoy the company and hospitality of my Iranian family in either the UK, USA or Turkey.

    Your YouTube videos have made me more determined to continue my mission to visit my family in Iran, however having dual nationality does complicate this unfortunately!

    I hope you enjoy the rest of your visit in London (my hometown) and movaffagh bashid!


  5. you know. i admire u beacuse u told good things about my country. im from esfahan.and also15years old

    in my opinion u are amazing GERMAN……………………………..you show me that i must love my country…thanks…….have fun mr.kris

  6. Hello Mr and Mrs Ivan ( I hope spell your last name correctly ).
    I read about your travel to Iran in past and knew some bad men rub your passports and etc, but I didn’t know more about you and about your other amazing travel to Iran till last night I watched a program about your kind family in Mostanad Channel of Iran’s TV. What a beautiful truck do you have! It’s like a really house!
    indeed I’m here to thank you for this project, a big peaceful work. you were and are very kind about us and I know your purpose is good. please say my hello to every european people and say we aren’t bad that you think. we don’t like war. we are’t wild!!!
    I’m from Esfahan and study at medical university of Kashan. I hope you have an other travel to my country and I can meet you in Kashan or Isfahan.

  7. hi.im sorry my english is not good .as good as i want.i saw ur documentary about my country.and my country is ur country now.
    thanks for what ur going to do.its our duty but you are doing that.maby its more effective in this way.
    in ur next travel. another one i hope.please dont forget the west side of this country.the first line of the 8yaers of the war.and one of the first civilizations in the word.
    do not forget khozestan.weather is warm here.so our hearts.

  8. we love u so much….good luck, عزیزان اگر میتونید ودست وبالتون بازه حتما به این کمپین کمک کنید چون کمک به خودتونه یعنی کمک به خودمونه

  9. Thank you cause of your choice “Iran”
    I invite you to Shahroud. the city has forest and desert and many intersting place that I know you enjoy when see them.

  10. You’re really good people and thank you for introducing us to the people of Europe.
    Really Thank you.
    Wirklich danke dir.
    Merci beaucoup.
    정말 감사합니다.
    Gracias de veras.

  11. hello my friend or better i say my family.i want say you my family because you want say to world iran and iranians not terrorist, muslim not terrorist. every where has good and bad people. thank you for all thing. i want say unlimited time thank you.thank you.good luck.bay bay.

  12. Hi,
    I saw your van about a week ago in Karaj
    Its really intreating to me & I think all of Iranians that still there are some people who wants to change the attitude of the world about Iran and us.
    It would be my pleasure to show you most beautiful places in chalus road in some sidetracks
    Wish you the best

  13. Hello
    I have heard you still in Tehran .
    there is a exhibition in peace museum complex in Tehran about Yemen children.
    its very nice there are dolls and … nice things.
    time today 26,27 may
    time 15:00 till 18:00 clock pm.
    and the address: vahdateslami street in city park ( Tehran central park ) , peace museum
    please go there and make fun..
    تهران، خیابان امام خمینی ،خیابان وحدت اسلامی، پارک شهر ،موزه صلح

  14. hi…i can not send money for you…

    When you go to Iran’s pay money for you …
    Thank you so much
    See you soon….

  15. Hii
    I saw u in Eram park and took a picture.
    Do you remember me!?
    Nice to see you
    Have a nice time in my country

  16. Hello , i saw your van in tehran today , it took my attention i was driving beside you and i saw the name of your website on the side of your car and i was like wooww :)
    Anyway i’d really like to see you guyz if you have any kind of meeting or gathering in tehran .
    Let me know !

  17. بسیار متشکرم از اینکه تلاش می کنید از ما ، مردم ایران تصویر بهتری برای دنیا نشان دهید. دوستون دارم .موفق باشید .

  18. سلام – خدا قوّت
    برای شما وگروه تون آرزوی موقیت میکنم , ومطمئنم که با روحیه دقیق آلمانی شما , پروژه به انجام خواهد رسید

    ضمنا من عکاس حرفه ای هستم و در زمینه ایران وایرانشناسی ومشاغل ,عکسهای متنوعی دارم که میتونم در اختیار شما قرار بدم

    به امید دیدار
    سعید شفیعی

  19. Really???
    If your website is up to date, it means that you are in Tehran right now?
    if yes, i recomond you to go to the Tehran international book fair. Tonight will be the Closing Ceremony.

    Here is the site


  20. hi,

    first of all, thank you so much for telling the worlds that we aren’t bad people, thanks for your helping.

    i live in Tehran city, and i can speak English not bad, so is my PLEASURE that we meet and spent some hours together, i will guide you to visit amazing place in Tehran, and also it would be a chance for me to find wonderful friends like you. and also is my pleasure to have a meal together, i promise i will cook iranian vegetables foods ( i know you are vegetarian)

    email me for set an appointment if you wanted to meet 😉

    have good days in Iran

  21. من عاشق شما شدم از اینکه راجع به کشور من اینقدر قشنگ حرف میزنید لذت میبر م

  22. hi. I suggest you come to our town “Nazarabad” in 80 km Tehran-Qazvin Highway. you can see “ozbak” hill in our town.
    good luck.

  23. hi
    I watched your video by tv and i am glad to your action about Iran. I hope that you will be success in your way .

  24. hello
    i saw your documentary video. i’m really happy a family from Europe came to our beautiful country to show the other people around the world that Iran is a unique country in the world. i’m living in the north of Iran,the place is famous as paradise.i hope you come to Iran again, and visit north of Iran specially Sari my hometown in Mazandarn and Savadkoh my husband’s hometown.i will help you with pleasure.

    1. Hello my name is tahereh and I’m from north of iran too and I’m hoping that you come here and enjoy your trip .I’m so glad that least one person is on our side . Be safe .

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