Phase 1  – year 2014 :

  • Displaying of big promotional banners on the  vehicle (8 meters long, 3 meters high).
    The banners include the slogan “Iran Is Great”, an iranian poem, and a reference to the website all having a persian background
  • Talks in Europe either on the street or at gatherings about Iran, its culture and its people
  • Showing iranian films in open air spaces

Phase 2  – year 2015 now ongoing:

Print, display and distribution of more information about Iran (i.e. brochures, flyers, travel guide to Iran postcards, with Iranian poems translated into the respective language, giveaways, sweets, etc in big Europeans cities or holiday destinations (see Roadmap below)
This is the continuation of the successfully tour in Europe in 2014. This phase is demanding more financial resources and we are looking for sponsors who believe in the message of peace we are bringing from Iran into the world. Anybody can support the project.


62 thoughts on “Project

  1. hello.
    it’s hard to believe, hard to Believe that a lovely family like you spend their time and money for no personal desire.
    I am really sad to say that i can do nothing for you but a thank… and a wish… i wish you all the happiness in the world and a perfectly GREAT life.
    thanks for trying hard to show the world our real aspects.

  2. salam; this is the first word that you hear your greeting in IRAN! it Means peace and pacifism.
    Hello cristian family; Welcome to Iran.We wish your good health and have a safe trip on the GOD’s earth.
    thank you for:” Iran and Iranians as they are; introduced by your.” i’m from Garmsar in Semnan state by the side of 44E freeway(Tehran-Meshed freeway).garmsar is called:”sun shining land” with a dating back more thousand years.(Ninety kilometers east of Tehran)with a very strong folclore.
    Please read a translation of the Qur’an. Thank you
    “Auf Wiedersehen zu Ihnen und Ihrer Familie ! Bitte lesen Sie die Übersetzung des Koran. Danke.”

  3. Heloo men,and heloo to you
    i From yazd …
    my city is “meyboD”
    We welcome you to the city (meybood) ?
    I do not know you travel to my city!

    Summary ,Come any time,we Very happy

    i,m sorry the the type badly English Language.
    i I translated text in google translate. :)
    GooD bye

  4. Hi, First thank you for the great job you are doing. you and your family are one of those people who are looking for the truth and are not afraid to say it to the world. we people of Iran thank you and wish you best luck throughout your great mission. you, your family and people all around the world are very welcome in Iran and we are happy to have them in the country. our country is safe and you won’t have any problem because Iran is different from its neighbors. If you want you can find the truth behind fake bad news about Iran. I swear they are trying to emphasize even the smallest problems in Iran to show how bad Iran is. Thank you!

  5. hello.Send me your email address plz.I want to introduce you to a beautiful and historic city in iran.In fact, the oldest civilization in the world.tnx

  6. Hey man,

    Great job! I am really glad to find out about this project. Thanks to London police, because they made me find you ;-).

    I am an Iranian living in Switzerland. I would be really happy to meet you here in Switzerland or even collaborate with you.

    Good luck, keep this great work going

  7. Hi Christian Family.

    Sorry about our stupid police force in the UK. I have made a small donation as my way of apology.

    As you are well traveled and intelligent people I am sure you don’t condemn all of the UK for this unpleasant experience.

    Hope you enjoyed the rest of your visit.

    Dave Hamilton

    1. Hello David,
      many thanks for your your donation and for your nice words. We have received thousands of messages of compassion from British citizens. This is indeed a great thing and we do not blame UK for what happened to us. We do not even blame the British Police for what they did. It is rather the fact, that they left no note behind saying who it was or at least to make an effort to pay back for the damage. We had a great time in UK and met and made friends!

  8. i hope one day i can be like you. able to visit many countries and get familiar with their cultures. :)
    thank you for choosing Iran we really really appreciate it!!
    contact me next time you wanted to come to Iran
    i’d love to talk to you and meet you in person
    Negin from Kermanshah

  9. Dear lovely family, just came across your project and troubles in Kensington on RT. We are so grateful for your wonderful efforts and sad to see the ignorance of those affected by the controlled media leading to your earlier troubles. I’m sure we speak on behalf of many of our fellow countrymen and wish you every success with your excellent project. God be with you.

  10. fantastic, well done. i am proud of you to ve started something noble and positive. in the world full of insanity it good to see people that are working to create a more peaceful world

  11. WoW , I really love germany people like you you are unstoppable people and care about you jobs, I try to be like you guys!, we are want to have economic deal with your goverments after big nuclear deal in this days, your projects became sucsses and dreams come true… just dont give up , keep going and , Do what you love and love what you do.


  12. I watched the documentary about your mission on our Iranian TV. What a great mission you have and what a great family you are. Accept our special thanks on the behalf of Iranian families. Our brothers and sisters in Europe don’t know Iran and Iranians well. It is important for us to be known well in the whole world. Thanks very very much to do this great possible mission man!

  13. I hope you can show fact of Iranians life and show iranin people isn”t bad people in the world…tank you and I love your family

  14. ابتکارتون بسیار زیبا بود . به عنوان یه ایرانی ازتون متشکرم . فکر میکنم باید به جهانیان فرصت بدیم بیان و ایران رو از نزدیک ببینن و با فرهنگ و آداب مختلف ما آشنا بشن . این خودش میتونه در گسترش فرهنگ ایرانی اسلامی بسیار مفید باشه .امیدوارم روزی برسه مردم دنیا از سیتره کانانهای تلویزیونی خارج بشه و واقعیت رو اونجوری که هست ببینن

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