Phase 1  – year 2014 :

  • Displaying of big promotional banners on the  vehicle (8 meters long, 3 meters high).
    The banners include the slogan “Iran Is Great”, an iranian poem, and a reference to the website all having a persian background
  • Talks in Europe either on the street or at gatherings about Iran, its culture and its people
  • Showing iranian films in open air spaces

Phase 2  – year 2015 now ongoing:

Print, display and distribution of more information about Iran (i.e. brochures, flyers, travel guide to Iran postcards, with Iranian poems translated into the respective language, giveaways, sweets, etc in big Europeans cities or holiday destinations (see Roadmap below)
This is the continuation of the successfully tour in Europe in 2014. This phase is demanding more financial resources and we are looking for sponsors who believe in the message of peace we are bringing from Iran into the world. Anybody can support the project.


62 thoughts on “Project

  1. hello
    i’m from East Azerbaijan province which locates in northwest of Iran.
    we have picturesque nature and magnificent Historical monuments and handicrafts.
    you can announce me if you want to see some great pictures of my province.
    your sincerely

  2. Hi. Last night i saw a documentary about you . At first i was wondering what it’s all about. Then i was amazed. You have an open mind and kind soul. It’s fascinating what you r doing… We , all iranian, thank you and your family for this big mission. If you need photoes or information about places and beauties in ran, we are willing to help you.
    Thanks again, and i wish you the best , happiness and success where ever you are.

  3. سلام .خسته نباشيد
    پروژه و برنامه شما رو در تلويزيون ايران ديدم خيلي لذت بردم . خيلي ممنون كه كشور من رو به دنيا معرفي ميكنيد . اميدوارم هميشه سلامت باشيد و در كارتون موفق باشيد . خيلي خوبه كه اين فرصت رو داريد كه به همه جا سفر كنيد .
    باز هم ممنون

  4. Dear cristian
    I saw your documentary last night, just I want to say: thanks about your introducing my country IRAN to each country’s.
    I hope you and your family always are happy becuse now I feel happy

  5. Salam (Hello) Dear Cristian Ivan,
    I was a great pleasure to know about you tonight and watch your nice documentary on TV.
    it was very interesting for me that there are still people who consider a World as their Big Family and are trying to amend the Cut relation of Brothers and Sisters of this Big Family.
    I am trying to Study more about you and then I will try to comment about your Project and may be to Support you if I can.

    I am very Happy Now.
    Thanks , Kisses for your Angle Kids,
    your Brother
    Babak / IRAN
    P.S. you are any welcome anytime in any place of Iran , just make a call to my Mobile : 0098-9122759520

  6. In The Name Of God

    Thanks a lot for coming to Iran.
    I was finding our none iranian’s opinion
    About Iran and It was very bad.
    But I think you kind family can show the
    World the true Iran.
    You Are Great Too.
    Thanks a lot again


  7. Hello dear friends, you are awesome, because of your vision about us
    i am so happy and interest. I saw your documentary in our TV.
    Next time that you come iran, visit us in urmia, urmia is in northwest of iran,
    Thank you so much

  8. hi dear!!! i hope you see my comment… im not good at english but im trying you can what my mean…
    your country and all of the uropean countries think iran is not safe anyway but you saw how iran is…
    i love german football but your country and the dutch football players have a not good Mentality from our country… and this is why i dont feel good about them

  9. Hi… first of all,thank you for doing this great project. You’r trying more than us to show other people the real Iran and just saying thank you is not enough to appreciate this.
    I wish the best for you and your lovely family and I hope to see you in Iran again. Just seeing you and your family and the way you talk and think about Iran and us, make us happy more than anything else :)

  10. Hello,
    I m from Iran i knew about your project and i love it and i want to say that i m ready for help you in any way i am a journalist and ready for help you can i ? you can do that as well as possible and i believe it that you can.
    god bless you and good luck
    Anahita Shokoohi

  11. I want to thank you for your great job. And I beleive people like you are true messengers of peace in the world, and nowadays more than ever people like you show the reality to the whole world.
    Thank you again,and I wish you and your great family health and success.

  12. Hey.
    I’m a photographer and a movie editor. I would love to help you in your project. Would give me Mr.Reza Paziresh contact information so I can help you more.
    It will be a pleasure to have you and your great family in my city. I personally invite you and will support you during your stay in my city, Sarein. I’ll sent you the exact address when you get here and leave you my phone number and email to keep in touch. appreciate your time.
    This the link:,+Ardabil/data=!4m2!3m1!1s0x4018ebd5a21330d1:0xfcd3f15a2e8538fb?sa=X&ei=P-GWVf3uNYGM7Qba9oLQDA&ved=0CIABEPIBMA4

  13. You are great family.
    You are really cultural and lettered family that Trying to help the Friendship of nations become better.
    Thanks for anything.

  14. سلام
    How do you feel today?
    I am from Iran & I saw Your Video on Iranian’s Websites Yesterday .
    It was great such as it’s name.
    I have a special wish for you & your family.It is your success !
    Iranians are very kind people.
    We Love You & Your Family very much .
    Bye Bye

  15. Hi….. Your r wonderfull…. That’s it…. I wanna invite u to come maMashhad …. We don’t have much to offer at least we can invite u to our home n do sth to make u have good time

  16. no.You are well.We believe that you have come to spy.Please come back to Iran. We love you. Europe tell us that they come to Iran.Thank you very much. Let the truth of Semnan. Muhammad of Garmsar. Bye.

    Nous vous aimons. au revoir

    Wir lieben dich. Tschüs

        1. سلام از این اومدید ایران متشکرم واز تلاشتون برای شناختن ایران به سایر انسان های دنیا متشکرم ما ایرانی ها هم مثل همه انسان های جهان انسانیم ولی متشکرم که شما کمک می کنید ما ایرانی ها روبشناسید انشالله در سفر بعدی به استان های غرب ایران مخصوصا لرستان وکردستان تشریف بیاریید

    1. Elisa is wrong, i dont know why she said such a think,
      we always support you, and your family
      Iran is for everyone who lives, or want to live or see

    2. O poor eliza (look at small “e” as the initial letter of your name, funny, ha?)
      Have u ever gone to school?
      Don’t u know that u HAVE TO use capital letters at the beginning of names, places, sent.s n famous things?
      R you illiterate or just an ignorant?Even if u r going to insult *at least* respect to ur name!
      Frankly, let me ask u sth! R u an American, a Zionist or a politician who is trying to fight in a new way? Did u plan a perfect fight map (come on! u r JUST demolishing English grammar)! Don’t u believe in your language? R u justified? Do u exactly know friend n foe if u r an American?
      Nobody can find such a hilarious mistakes even in Miley Cyrus’ written language!!!
      Make a decision n go to school! U need it urgently , trust me!
      Have a great day Ivan family :)

      1. pleaseeeee don’t speek .it is better for you. if you can do this project for iranian ppl .come on but you can’t and be ashamed of you say

  17. hi . my name is mohammad . i am from iran . thank for everything . my wish is that you good luck always . forgive me i can not speak english very well . do you come back to iran again?

  18. سلام، ممنونم که ایران را بین کشور ها انتخاب کردید.موفق باشید

  19. Iran is Great! This is a suitable slogan. I just watched your documentary in TV and it made me more proud of my wonderful country. Keep the good work going on and on…

  20. heyyyy, very interesting job, good for you. As an Iranian I have to say thank you for doing that. I would like to meet you, here, in Tehran during your next trip. You can contact me and that would be pleasure to have you at my place. On peut parler francais aussi :). Je suis Irani-quebecoise :).


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