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It is our time and energy but your donation that fuels this project about spreading a message of peace coming from Iranians. Every Toman, Euro or Dollar counts.


Bank accounts:

Following persons or companies contributed so far:

  • Shima from Teheran
  • Farshad from Shiraz
  • Hassan Bayat, Germany
  • Andi Buoyant, Germany
  • Silk Road Hotel Yazd, Iran
  • Montse Juan, Spain
  • Behzad Saeedi, Iran
  • Farvartish Rezvaniyeh, Shiraz
  • Reza Paziresh, Tehran
  • Moj Iran Trip, Iran
  • Shahpour, Iran
  • Andreas Fischer, Germany
  • Reza Matinnejad, Luxemburg
  • Hamed Jahazi, Canada
  • Omnovia Technologies, USA
  • Hamid Davari, UAE
  • Majid Bahrepou, Netherlands
  • Majid Afshar, USA
  • Mohsen Tehranian, UK
  • Alireza Etema, Canada
  • Khashayar Torabi, Canada
  • Sahar Fathi, Canada
  • Mona Entezar, USA
  • Shireen Aminian, UK
  • Meisam Jalalvand, UK
  • Farnaz Ohadi, Canada
  • Reza Farivar, USA
  • HoSiMi Enterprises Inc, USA
  • Mansour Hozouri, Canada
  • Gerald Roadfamily, Austria
  • ……and so many other who chose not to be mentioned here

60 thoughts on “Support us

  1. I am an Iranian-American living in California. Thank you so much for everything you do to promote Iran and her culture. I am very grateful for wonderful people like you. Best of luck and with much appreciation.

  2. I cant believe you are spending your valuable life spreading peace around like this. I truly apologize for what happened to your van because of your good intentions toward my country. you and people like you are the reason we still see peace around the world. Yes, Iran is great but who are we without our souls. your approach is way more great and valuable. Please accept my deep apology and Say hello to your great lovely family from the voice of Iranian people.

  3. Thank you sooo sooo much. I’m an Iranian girl studying in UK.

    You are truly hospitable yourself as you are inviting the knowledge of Iranian people and land to the hearts of the world.
    Saw your documentary in Iran after the window smash at London. Sometimes a bad incident does bring positive awareness of in such a way you wouldn’t imagine.
    Thank God for your kindness. :)

  4. Excellent, excellent project/way of life. An absolute inspiration. Perhaps you’ve already been to the north of Iran, if not, Mazandaran is one of the most beautiful places in the world. And if you should ever return to the UK, Manchester is a much better option than London!

    PS How do I go about buying one of your lovely stickers? Kheily mamnoon!

    1. Hello Olivia and many thanks for your words of encouragement.
      We haven’t been to the north of UK. Despite what happened to us in London, we had a great time in UK. It was our first time, but we will return in 2016. Until then we travel to Iran to get our moral damage fixed by the Iranian hearty and welcoming people.
      Unfortunately we ran out of stickers. They will come back soon together with other goodies that together with the donation will help us continue the project.

  5. I suggest you get in touch with either a book publisher or a Hollywood movie studio (possibly the same one that did the movie about the Iranian family in LA) to work on a movie or book for you. It will generate money for your future travels while also maximizing the audience you are trying to reach and educate about the real Iran.

    1. Hello N,
      many thanks for your donation.
      Have you heard what happened to us the other day in London?
      Your donation will help us fix the damage caused to the Iran is Great van by the police.

      Cristian from Iran is Great!

    2. Hi, so nice to hear you remember us. And that you still keep one of our stickers. In wales we went to HESFES Festival, a festival about home education. How good to see so many home educators gathered together. There will be a similar festival in September near Berlin we are going to as well: Schulfrei-Festival

  6. Today I support your movement ! as student it was not that much but hope many people help your great movement :) Danke !

  7. Hello, I had the great pleasure of meeting your wonderful family in Berlin last year, and was filled with joy to hear of your living project. Especially so as a polyglot and a grown-up former freeschooler. I was shocked and saddened to hear what the London cops did to you… but actually, not that surprised. This country is getting more and more f***ed up! Luckily I’ve spent much of my life outside of England, and hope to do so for much more of it :) not yet been to Iran though… But as you said, it was indeed serendipitous. Not only for your project – it also does people good to have it shown to them what unfeeling idiots the authorities can be! And by the way, did you go to the Eisteddfod? The Guardian said you were at a Welsh festival :) I’m actually from Wales originally :)
    PS. I have one of your stickers on my wall 😀
    Good wishes to you all!

  8. Hello lovely family! : )

    I have just come across you today through an article in The Guardian newspaper regarding the shameful vandalism of your camper van by the police. I do hope you can be financially compensated for their idiocy.

    What an amazing adventure you are on. I have home educated my children who are now 15 and 17. I would have loved to have done what you are doing but my husband is too conventional.

    Anyway, I would love to know more about your adventures, it would be great to see photographs and stories on your blog. I love cooking and this year have been exploring Persian food blogs for the first time. I also recently discovered the wonderful poetry of Rumi. You have further fed my curiosity to learn more about the Iranian culture. Keep on doing what you are doing. I’m so sorry you had a bad experience here in Britain. Peace. xxx

    1. Hello Amanda and many thanks for taking the time to write to us.
      So did thousands of Britons so far apologizing for what we experienced in London. Police still didn’t do it.
      Despite what happened to us, we had a great time in UK. We will definitely come back to UK next year for the HESFES Festival.

  9. Dear Ivan family, I read about you on BBC website the other day & I wanted to say thank you for doing such a great job as I believe Iranian people really deserve better than what portrayed on the media. Too much negativity in this world today which makes it even more important to have people like you to spread peace and positivity Wish you good luck.

  10. hi dear family
    Iran is great and you are the best.thank you for effort to show other nations we, iranians respect love, peace and humanity. say my hello to all people in the world.
    peace and love for you and your children cristian.
    thank you again and may God protect you and your family

  11. SALAM, nice seeing you in BBC Persian last night. Good approaches to live lovely visiting the world and experiencing everything from the sources. It will be nice for your kids as well. They can learn more about life seeing the world rather than sitting at schools’ bench.
    And your campaign, it is great. I think your movement should be the revolutionary one that in this period of the time helps world to be more peaceful place and helps people understanding each other beyond borders. Thank you.
    For any help in Tehran, you can count on me.

  12. Tank you so much christian
    have you ever been in LAHIJAN?
    it is in north of iran in Gilan province
    There is alot of green hills and tea bushes and a beautifull lake

  13. Hi
    nice to see you and your family’s image in BBC. I hope the best for you. I live in Canada and will be happy if I can support you.

  14. so many thanks for your family i can send to you. i did see you and your son in bbc persian TV and then found your website and we have a term that you can not find in the other language anywhere and we use it for humans who we see their efforts in their jobs and their work so i am willing to tell this term for your for your effort about my unique country Iran and that term : (don’t be tired ) to Persian خسته نباشید and i want to say to you in any time you must no be sad about the comments that may be unpleasant , so i want to invite you to my sity from Khvoy (Khoy) or خوی in west Azerbaijan state in north west Iran many information is exist in Wikipedia that you can find in there and We are the largest ethnic group among the Iranian different ethnic groups so You can experience the other page of Studies on Iran.

    .امیدوارم شمارا در یکی از زیباترین شهرهای وطنم یهنی در زادگاهم در خوی ببینم.

    اگه خواستید بامن ارتباط برقرار کنید ایمیلم در اختیار شماستو می تونید ایمیل بزنید.


  15. Dear friend,
    first of all I’d like to thank you for your nice and peaceful movement. I saw the report on BBC Persian.
    Second I’m really sorry to hear that the police in London is so biased about such a nice and peaceful logo!
    And third I’d like to buy one of those stickers but I didn’t find any link here to buy it. Please let me know how the sticker is and how I can buy it.
    Kind regards,

  16. Hi, I saw your interview in bbc , I was so glad to see your attempt to show truth, it’s really my honor to see your honesty and nicely, I want to invite you visit iran again, it would be our pleasure. Thank you brother.

  17. سلام دوست عزیز
    به فارسی نظرمو گذاشتم چون به زبان انگلیسی
    تسلط ندارم
    میخواستم تشکر کنم از این حرکت بزرگی که انجام دادین مردم ایران بی شک از این کمپین شما حمایت خواهند کرد
    با آرزوی بهترین ها برای شما و خانواده دوست داشتنیتون

  18. I live in Chile. I was born in the USA, but I left due to the Evil Doers there. The wars and violence were too much. A true police state. Most people are unaware while their leaders are true monsters. Also I left the northern hemisphere due to the Fukushima disaster- the fallout will never stop and it may be an extinction event.
    I have followed Iran for 20 years and I think it is a Great nation with Great people. I am not religious, however I love the Supreme Leader of Iran and I listen to every word he speaks and it is always love and truth- Like the Ron Paul of Iran!
    I teach English here in Chile and I tell all my students about PressTV and how great Iran is. I also tell them about the false flags of 9/11 and how the world is run by mad men who cause wars and how we can revolt.

    Here in Chile people are smart and open to information and they always look foward to a great future like the people of Iran.

    I love you all!
    Antonio Gagliasso
    my best friend/brother is from Palestine and we are helping people move here to Chile. I would only live in Chile or Iran!

  19. Just read the London Evening Standard news item about this story. What a waste of Police resources. Infuriated by the vandalism. Have forwarded the news item to friends and family. Good luck in your campaign.

  20. Hi,

    I just read on BBC website about what happened to you and your family yesterday in London. I am so sorry for this. My husband and I visited the Science Museum last Wednesday and for sure if we were there, we would have been very excited to see your truck and at the same time very embarrassed for what happened to you just because of putting the name of Iran on your truck.

    I hope you will understand that there are few people out there that they do not want Iran’s profile be raised in the world and they may try to sabotage and disguise themselves under the name of Iran. So in my opinion police concern was not that much beyond the expectations.

    Once again I am very grateful for what you are doing and hope you become a peace ambassador on behalf of Iran wherever you go.

    God bless.

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