Why us?

  • We have an extensive experience in travelling through Asia, Europe and Africa
  • We are motivated to promote the Iranian image abroad due to our personal experiences in Iran and with Iranians
  • We have important means and advantages: big vehicle, flexibility, mobility, time
  • The campaign has already achieved big results compared to the financial and human investment
  • As Europeans being the initiators and promoters of the campaign we enjoy a higher credibility among Europeans
  • We provide language fluency in English, French, German, Italian, Romanian and Russian

18 thoughts on “Why us?

  1. What a great message you are delivering. I have been to this great country twice already and am planning my third visit this year. It is difficult to change people’s perception of Iran, which is mostly inaccurate and influenced by the media. Any visit to Iran will open one’s mind and eyes to the rich culture and amazing generosity of the people. I have fallen in love with Iran and only wish one day I may live there to enjoy all aspects of Iranian life every day. Thank you for sharing your story on Youtube, which has reached as far away as New Zealand. I wish you and your family all the best.

  2. سلام.
    من شیراز زندگی می کنم.
    توی کارهای سایت سازی و اضافه کردن امکانات به این سایت می تونم کمک کنم.
    دارای چند وبسایت هستم و اخیرا هم می خوام خدمات هاستینگ بزنم.
    اگه تونستم خدمات هاستینگ بزنم، هاستش رو تخفیف زیاد می دم برای شما خانواده گل گل گل
    سربلند باشید!

  3. Salam,
    I was checking Iran News today, and read your story in Guardian as well. I remembered the incident in Karaj reading about it in Iranian press about a year ago. I have to say that, your endeavor is a one of a kind in terms of your humanity and internationalism. I congratulate and salute you and your beautiful family for your dignity and wisdom. Wishing you guys many more happy, healthy trips and lots of success in your wonderfully spirited mission.

    I leave you with the words of great Rumi who said about 800 years ago:
    از محبت خارها گل ميشود …واز محبت سركه ها مل ميشود ( az mohebbat kharha gol mishavad..vaz mohebbat serkeha mol mishavad)
    Meaning: thorns turn into flowers with kindness… Viniger turns to wine with kindness…
    Good luck and God be with you!

  4. First of all, I am terribly sorry about the theft of your belongings and valuable in Iran. I am sure if enough Iranians got to know about it, they would be more than happy to compensate for it.

    When I first visited your site, it gave the impression that it might be a scam, a hoax. The reason for it was that everywhere I clicked on the site I saw “we, we, we, and us “without knowing who the “we” were. On that basis I had decided to first leave a comment asking two questions:
    1. Who are you?
    2. What made you do this? (Until I saw Press TV’s description about you).

    May I suggest that you add on your site a link usually named “About Us”, in which it provides information as to whom the site belongs, and generally who they are. Had this link existed on your site, people would not get any misconceptions.

    I thank you and your family for what you are doing.

  5. سلام…
    من اصفهان زندگی می کنم..
    منتظر شما برای سفر به اصفهان و اسکان در منزلم هستم

  6. Hiii dear friend…!!!
    I’m watching your documentary show right now!!! You and your family are sooo lovely and perfect…!!! I don’t really know how to thank you…!!! Thanks for being open minded, thanks for introducing Iran to other countries, thanks for trying Iranian life and thanks for everything… Thanks a zillion… I highly admire you… I personally apologize you if anyone caused disturbance and annoyance for you and your awesome family… Allah will definitely bless you… Thanks for taking your time reading my comment…!!!

  7. Hello
    Thanks for everything. I wish you’ll be successful. My family and me are completely ready to help and guide you with open arms if you need. I have some ideas which can open other windows and show you new ways.
    Just call me…
    +98 939 948 28 98

  8. سلام من ایراهیم از شیرستان بناب واقع در آذربایجان شرقی خیلی هم از شما ممنون هستم که به کشور ما آمده اید من از شما این تقاضا را دارم که برای سوم از جاهای دیدنی و آثار باستانی و سوقاتی ها و… دیدن فرمایید با تشکر

  9. Hi Dear German Guests,
    I saw you & Your Veichle in Tehran some days ago. It was so interesting for me to see you!
    I would like to Thank You for such attempt for Iranian Culture.
    I should be greatful to give a hand in this regard.
    In case there is anything I can do, just let me know.
    At least you & your family can be my special guest in Tehran, Karaj or Rasht City.
    Take Care & Be Happy!!!
    Cell: +98(912)2007796

  10. Hey guys I have a suggestion for you : there is a place that is ‘awesome’ i suggest you to visit chahar mahal va bakhtiar . trust me you won’t be regretful. tnx for reading my cm.

  11. سلام
    من در ایران به شما زمین برای کشاورزی و استراحت میدهم
    تا هر وقت خواستید استراحت و ارامش داشته باشید درون مزرعه خودتان با سند تقدیم شما انسانهای خوب و غیرت مند میکنم

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